How To Change Your Country in Coinbase

👋Hello there, Lets chat about How to Change Your Country in Coinbase.  If you're an active user of Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you may already be familiar with its versatility and convenience. 

Sometimes, life takes us to different locales, and moving abroad can come with the need to adjust our digital tools, including cryptocurrency platforms like Coinbase. Today, we will discuss how to change your country settings in Coinbase.

Before digging into the steps, it's important to note that due to regulatory restrictions and compliance rules, the availability of services and features on Coinbase varies from country to country.

Be sure to understand how these changes may impact your ability to buy, sell, or convert cryptocurrency in your new location.

Prepare Your New Proof of Address

passport id

Before anything else, you need to secure proof of your new address. That could be a utility bill, bank statement, passport, or another official document showing your full name and new address.

This document must be up-to-date and dated within the last three months. Note that electronic copies are often accepted.

Coinbase doesn't allow users to change their country setting directly on the platform. Instead, you have to contact Coinbase's customer support team.  They also have a great FAQ page for reference.

You can start this by visiting the "Contact Us" page on the Coinbase website, navigating to "Accounts,"  Follow the instructions to raise a request to change your country.

change coinbase country

Submit the Required Information

To process your request, Coinbase will require you to provide specific details, such as:

  • The reason for changing the country on your Coinbase account
  • An image of your government-issued ID from the new country, if applicable
  • A selfie
  • Proof of address in the new country (the document you prepared in Step 1)

Be ready to upload these documents digitally.

change country coinbase

Wait for Verification

Coinbase, like many other financial institutions, places a strong emphasis on security and compliance with laws and regulations. Therefore, it takes user account changes seriously, including modifications to registered countries. 

Once you've submitted all the necessary details, you enter what many may consider the most challenging part of the process: the waiting game.

This waiting period allows the Coinbase team to verify your information thoroughly, ensuring your account's and the platform's security. This step is necessary to prevent fraud, identity theft, and other illicit activities, which are, unfortunately, all too common in the digital world. 

While this may result in a slower process than some might like, it is essential for maintaining a secure, trustworthy, and legally compliant platform.

What Happens During Verification? ⏲️

During verification, the Coinbase team cross-referenced your submitted information with publicly available data and their internal systems. They're checking to ensure that your ID is legitimate, the selfie matches the picture on the ID, and the proof of address document is valid and up-to-date. 

Additionally, they are likely checking to ensure that using Coinbase's services in your new location complies with local and international laws and regulations.

The duration of the verification process can vary significantly. On average, it takes between 5-7 business days. However, during times of high demand or if the team encounters issues while verifying your data, this process might take longer.

It's worth noting that while your request is pending, your account typically remains fully functional based on the settings of your old country. You should be able to continue trading and transacting as usual, and your ability to withdraw funds is limited.


Once your details have been approved and verified, Coinbase will update your country, and you'll receive a confirmation email. Check your email and the account settings on your Coinbase account to confirm the changes.

Things to Consider 🤔

While this process is straightforward, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Regulations: Cryptocurrency regulations vary significantly around the world. The services and coins available on Coinbase in your new country may differ from your old country due to local laws and regulations.
  • Tax Implications: Changing your country could affect your cryptocurrency holdings. Consulting with a tax advisor before making any changes is recommended.

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